Our Activities

Our Activities

Promote the establishment of farmers’ cooperatives and other relevant Community-Based Organisations (CBOs).
Facilitate and conduct community sensitivity analyses, baseline surveys and participatory rural appraisals (PRAs) in target communities.
Train farmers on modern techniques of crop production, animal husbandry (macro-livestock; micro-livestock), and pisciculture (aquaculture; fisheries).
Train farmers on cost-effective methods of food processing / preservation and facilitate marketing networks for sustainable economic empowerment.
Facilitate access to products, finance and market for improved livelihoods.
Facilitate access to products, finance and market for improved livelihoods.

Strategies for Achieving Objectives

  • Facilitation of farmers cooperatives, monitoring and evaluation, to determine extent of compliance.
  • Research and training, mostly through farmers’
  • Community-led bottom-up sustainable development with top-down support through participatory rural appraisals (PRAs) and needs assessment.
  • Establishment of demonstration farms and pilot projects in target localities.
  • Economic empowerment through micro-finance schemes for financial and material support to beneficiaries.
  • Facilitation of access to high yielding agricultural products and strategic partnership with stakeholders.
  • Increased capacity of low-external-input agriculture farmers and rural organisations to influence decisions in formal technology development.

Facilitation of access to market and enhanced social capital among stakeholders and external agencies.


Summary of On-going and Previous Projects Implemented by FAST

We have been involved in developmental projects where we participated by contributing resource persons and facilitators for their implementation and completion (see list below).

Transforming people through participatory innovations

Individuals, governments, private and public organizations, corporate bodies, and donor groups are encouraged to raise funds, donations, and contracts to support our activities.

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